"Few real singers can really teach!  Ms. Dandavino has great gifts and facility in both!  Hers is a world class instrument.  She knows HOW to sing and how to TEACH singing. Any student lucky enough to have a lesson or ongoing lessons with her will truly be enriched.  She brings knowledge, passion, personality, and a great deal of compassion and care to her work and her artistry and her craft.  She will challenge you to be your best self - and support you fully the entire journey!"
Susan Eichhorn Young, Voice Teacher, NYC


"My daughter Etova has been taking piano lessons with Kristine for 7 months and she already sounds like a mini Mozart. Kristine's musical gift and passion has transferred to my daughter.  Kristine is patient, kind and encouraging; everything a piano teacher should be. When we first met Kristine she asked what our expectations were and I told her I wanted my daughter to play the piano and sing, Kristine then said "Oh Alicia Keys, Okay!" Now my daughter sings and plays the piano amazingly and Kristine has provided a safe space for Etova to grow and nourish her talent. Kristine is truly a GEM!!"
Angela Nagy, Parent


"I have been so fortunate to be referred to Kristine Dandavino. She is working with me to eliminate many years of poor vocal technique and helping me to discover how sound is organically produced by the body. Each lesson is exciting as Kristine corrects and guides me onward. Within just a few lessons, I was able to vocalize more freely. I am very excited to continue on the journey with Kristine with a goal to find my true sound and perfecting it."
Linda McAllister, Soprano


"Thank you so much for your patience, wisdome, humour and amazing gifts. The boys love learning with you and look forward to coming for lessons every single week."
Wendi Dubé, Parent


" You have been such a good teacher for Jaya. I have not seen anyone grab her attention and make her focus on things like you do. You are gifted at what you do." 
Laura Mahe, Parent


“Kristine has brought back the joy of learning piano again for my children. She encourages them and keeps the thrill of learning, fresh and new.”
Julie Sprague, parent of three students


"I have experienced the voice and the accompaniment...THE BEST!"
Doug Wylie, Choir Member


"Kristine is a wonderfully concise and precise teacher. She knows how to say a lot very efficiently to have her students quickly achieving their best results. She gives music a place in the real world and has you relating everything around you to music, giving you the best, most artistic experience possible. Definitely one of the best teachers out there."
Matthew Knigths, Pianist

"I prepared for a singing compeition with Kristine's help. The experience I had was amazing!! With Kristine, I received training in singing and a new outlook towards music and life. Within a few sessions, I overcame my fear of singing on stage and also gained a lot of confidence. Also, Kristine makes it fun to learn!!!"
Sailaja Sahgal, Singer


"I was one of Kristine’s vocal students from 2006-2008. She is an amazing teacher with amazing talent, I learned so much just from watching and listening to her sing! Under her tutelage I not only learned how to be a more proficient singer, but also a better performer. She is kind and encouraging and pushes all her students to sing and perform to the best of their abilities. She plays on each of her students strongest abilities and makes sure that you are having fun in the process. Kristine is a great and inspiring teacher and every one of her students walks away with more talent and knowledge than when they walked into her studio. I know I did!"
Lysandra Deschenes, Singer


"Ms. Dandavino is an amazing singer with a true love for what she does, and she does it well! Her vocal abilities know no bounds and her passion for the art of song is definitely contagious!  I have had the privilege of being one of her students while living in Kirkland Lake and, to this day, I still apply the knowledge she has bestowed upon me at the time. Ms. Dandavino has the gift of distinguishing the strengths and weaknesses in one's vocal abilities and is quick to assist in strengthening the areas where it's needed. I have yet to meet a vocal teacher who is as compassionate and caring as she is. "

Melissa Plante, Singer


"Simply put: Kristine is a fantastic teacher. It's truly been a rewarding experience thus far and her enthusiasm and attitude is what makes it all the more worthwhile. It's amazing how she adjusts her teaching style constantly to better suit me as an individual and to find what works most effectively. Her approach is what makes the difference, focusing on how it feels when it is right and overcoming mental obstacles that restrict progress. Truly and excellent experience for me."
Matthew Hallworth, Singer 

"As we look forward to beginning another year of piano instruction for Arjun, we would like to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! Under your tutelage these past few years, Arjun has learned to enjoy playing and practicing piano. With your humorous teaching style, you are able to keep his attention and motivate him to practice during the week. We can see that he listens carefully to your advice about learning and practicing, and applies it in other areas of study. He did really well in his RCM examinations this year thanks to your guidance, and with your suggestions about managing performance anxiety the examination was a positive experience for him.  Thank you! "  Manjula Sharma, Parent